Time, Talent & Old Tech

How Can I Help?

Once people understand the mission of Help Me Reconnect—to reconnect rural communities, and the vibrant people that live there, with the rest of the world—the very next question is "How can I help?"

There are three primary ways to help reconnect rural communities—none of which require financial donations, although we won't object to monetary donations from other Tennesseans to help keep the lab lights oneven if you're currently located in a place with very good connectivity.

Old Technology

One pathway to progress in our quest to reconnect small towns and rural communities centers on the concept of placing very small data centers in the heart of older downtowns. 

Our research is trending towards DC-powered centers, both as a way to reduce noise and also easily introduce clean energy. 

As part of our research, we need to test all sorts of data center "old tech" including:

Time & Talent

If you don't have any old tech to donate—or you personally want to do more to reconnect rural communities—please consider donating your time and talents to Help Me Reconnect's projects.

We have several current needs:

Telling Others

We're always grateful for those who help spread the word on Help Me Reconnect's mission, goals and key projects.

Telling others may be word of mouth or social media posts or even introductions to potential donor or small-town leadership who want to reconnect their community to the outside world.

Feel free to email us with ideas on how to help spread the word.

Anything else?

We're also exploring adding small gathering spots, complete with donated desktops, nearby the micro data centers to aid seniors who must now fill out online forms for various government entities. Email us.