Help Me Reconnect

Lost Connectivity. Restored.

What exactly is Help Me Reconnect?

The idea is straightforward: help rural communities that have seen their connectivity (whether phone or data) decline as Big Tech either:

Neither of these approaches benefit rural communities; some would even argue that Big Tech has the ability to cut off these communities from the outside world.

We’re here to help change that, partnering with both small-town economic development orgs and leaders in rural-conscious technology companies who want to help small towns like the ones in which they were raised.

Feeling Disconnected?

Help Me Reconnect intends to help reconnect rural communities—and the vibrant people that live there—with the rest of the world.

How? The first step is to establish our 501(c)3 status with the IRS, which we’ve filed in early June 2022. [update: we've now been fully approved as a 501(c)3 charity!]

Where? First, in southern Appalachia, the region of the United States that we call home. Second, we’re also exploring partnerships with other non-profit and NGO organizations to take this same model to the rest of the US and, hopefully soon, to rural communities around the world.

How Can I Help?

We're excited to showcase our new logo, created as a gift to Help Me Reconnect by the talented Sam Culberston at Push the Pixels. Sam fully understands Help Me Reconnect's goal, giving time & talent to help move reconnection forward.

Want to help us reconnect rural communities that have been overlooked in the push towards digital connectivity for all citizens? Three ways to make a difference--your time, funds or even old tech gear--can help those who lack basic connectivity. Click here for more details.